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  • Tea baths are going to be the next big thing- you get to fully emerge your whole body in the healing characteristics of organic, non-gmo herbs!
  • It’s the ultimate self care, especially for your sun-kissed summer skin! Just make sure to follow directions + steep for the full 20 minutes to extract all the goodness.
  • All herbs are compostable, so once you are finished steeping your tea bath, feel free to empty the bag into your compost bin or into your green trash bin!
  • My Friends Use This uses only food-grade ingredients which are clearly listed on the label for your convenience (no hiding anything here) AND we also love using glass bottles which can be refilled or repurposed, endlessly!


 green tea*(camellia sinensis leaf), tulsi*(oeimum sanetum leaf), red rose*(rose damascena petal), peppermint*(mentha piperita leaf), calendula*(calendula officinalis flower)

*organic & non-gmo



Brew one pot of tea + steep for 20 minutes. Pour one cup over ice + enjoy. Pour remainder into bath water + soak.


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