About us


Harvestly started with a Cal Poly 2nd year named Walt. He had a vision for a connected local economy where local vendors were feeding the community. He approached Zack Harris, the co-founder, and together they built Harvestly; a hyperlocal marketplace connecting local vendors to local consumers. Centered around health, sustainability, and the local economy, Harvestly aims to change the current food system and its devastating impacts on communities.


Harvestly is here to empower local vendors. We are going to disrupt the global food system by creating a more efficient economy. Imagine in five years when you can go onto Harvestly and buy all your groceries sourced from within your county and have those goods delivered. By creating a more convenient way to get healthy food, the populous will reverse the unhealthy trends that have faced the globe for the last 40 years. A movement is beginning and the global food system will never be the same.

We must use technology to empower connection and community

- Walter Lafky


Community and sustainability are at the forefront of our mission. Technology has provided us the opportunity to create community and connection even in a pandemic. We know that the current food system neither acts as a stimulus to community nor is sustainable. We have set out to create community and bring sustainability to food systems globally.


Who we are

The dream we now call Harvestly started with a 14-year-old boy named Walter growing and selling tomatoes in Central Oregon. Walter quickly realized just how problematic the agricultural system is, and decided that one day he would change it. Walter envisioned a system where locally-sourced, organic products could be delivered right to your door while putting money back into the community and being environmentally conscious.