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Vendor Spotlight: Meet Uli Billington, creator of Scoop the Magic

Love ice cream, but can’t handle the dairy? Check out Scoop the Magic, a SLOcal non-dairy frozen dessert that makes incredible dairy-free, 100% vegan frozen desserts.  

Uli Billington, founder of Scoop the Magic, started with from her love of creating food for friends and family. When she couldn’t find dairy-free ice cream with clean ingredients in the stores, she decided to make my own. With a focus on locally-sourced products, she made sure her ice cream had the purest, freshest start.

Vendor Spotlight: Meet Stephanie Nye, creator of Farmers Market Soups

14 years ago, central coast native and Cal Poly alumni Stephanie Nye did her first farmers market with vegan soup, and ever since she has been in the kitchen cooking up the soups that Harvestly customers know and love.

“I wanted to really simplify the business and really be able to utilize the local farmer’s products a lot better and have the time to do that,” Nye said. “I really wanted to simplify the food aspect of the food business.”

Who we are

The dream we now call Harvestly started with a 14-year-old boy named Walter growing and selling tomatoes in Central Oregon. Walter quickly realized just how problematic the agricultural system is, and decided that one day he would change it. Walter envisioned a system where locally-sourced, organic products could be delivered right to your door while putting money back into the community and being environmentally conscious.