Harvestly Essential Box Program
We support farmers while supporting our neighbors with free food.


At Harvestly, we believe in supporting our most vulnerable neighbors, but we think we can do better than the secondhand food and unhealthy handouts that are currently available. We think everyone deserves access to the freshest and healthiest produce, and we are committed to supporting small farmers while making that happen.

That's why Harvestly has pledged 100% of revenue for the next two months to buying local farmer's market produce to create essential boxes for in-need community members and families.


How You Can Help

Every time you decide to shop on Harvestly, you're supporting the Harvestly Essential Box Program, but we want to grow and continue to support our communities well after the pandemic.

About $12

That's all it takes! To provide a family with a week's worth of farmer's market fresh fruits and veggies, it costs about $12. An average Community Supported Agriculture Box costs about $30-$40 a week. Unfortunately, this is simply not a reasonable price for many. By buying directly from a variety of vendors at our local farmer's market and assembling these boxes ourselves with a team of full-hearted volunteers, we can cut the cost and deliver for free.

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