10 lb - Tomato, Silver Fir



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This is a Russian heirloom tomato that had its name translated when it was introduced to the U.S.  Its name translates to 'silvery fir tree'.  It is a tomato that is slightly acidic, with low sugar content, which means that it lends itself to processing and canning applications.  Though it has little flavor (aside from acidity) when it is raw, it develops and concentrates its flavor when cooked, or even lightly heated.  Therefore, we recommend this as a tomato for processing, but it can also be great in dishes or condiments (cooked or not) that require a balance of many flavors, such as salsas, chutney, barbecue sauce, and et cetera.  Product is packed in a single cardboard, covered flat.  

*We typically pack a flat with a range of ripeness, but since the intention is for bulk-use applications, the flats may be weighed more heavily toward riper tomatoes

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