Pasture Raised Chicken Eggs, 1 doz (XL)



Deliveries are on Thursday afternoons. Keep in mind: the order deadline is Tuesday Night at 11:59 pm for the upcoming Thursday delivery day.

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Raised & sold by Grandpa Rossi's Garden in Templeton, CA

  • You will receive one doz extra large eggs (egg size is determined by entire carton weight, not individual eggs.)
  • Chickens are fed quality, local feed from Templeton Feed & Grain, forage, and enjoy garden greens.
  • They free range, and have ample space to run, dust bathe, and bask in the sunshine.
  • They live under shaded oak trees that protect them from the scorching summer heat. 
  • Eggs are collected daily, washed, sorted, and candled for imperfections by hand. 

California Egg Hander's License #4502

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