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A warming balm to relieve muscle tension and alleviate body soreness. 

The unusual combination of ginger and rosemary aromatics are surprisingly earthy and relaxing. Using this balm after a long day of work or physical activity can help ease you into the evening, reducing your stress levels as you give yourself the self-care and attention you deserve. The three herbs infused in this blend are carefully selected based on their inherently warming and pain reducing properties. The herbs that infuse the oil with their healing extracts are sustainably sourced from organic farms, gardens, or ethically wildcrafted.

To Use: For external use only: massage deeply into sore areas of the body; wherever it hurts. Avoid eyes and sensitive areas. 



Extra Virgin Olive Oil*: deeply moisturizing, suitable for most skin types. Rich in antioxidants which may help heal skin after sun exposure and slow the aging process. 

Ginger*: Root from the ginger plant that helps reduce inflammation. Ginger adds warmth to the affected area by stimulating blood circulation. 

Mugwort*: A California native, very aromatic low growing herb commonly found along stream banks and shady areas. Traditionally used by Native Americans to ease the pain from arthritis, back pain, earaches and headaches. Mugwort has a special affinity for relieving muscle pain, soreness and stress.

Rosemary**: This common aromatic culinary herb also holds many medicinal properties. It is not only helpful in easing pain and joint inflammation, it also has a history of use for headaches, migraines and improving blood circulation. 

Beeswax*: a lovely honey-scented wax made from honeybees. It softens skin and helps retain moisture.

Vitamin E Oil:An antioxidant that helps prevent scarring on skin and also helps naturally preserve product.

Essential oils of Ginger* and Rosemary*


*certified organic  **sustainably wildcrafted or grown

As always, this information is meant for educational purposes only and is not meant to cure or treat any disease. Consult your physician if you are pregnant, nursing, have a serious health condition and/or are taking other medications. Stop use immediately if rash occurs.

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