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Farro is seriously old stuff - the stuff of pharaohs, the stuff of the Roman Legions. First cultivated 9,000 BC, it was wild harvested before that & remains a versatile & tasty source of protein today. This old stuff is seriously good stuff. But what is it exactly?

“Farro” refers to 3 ancestors of modern durum wheat - einkorn, emmer farro, & spelt. You’re looking at emmer farro, a.k.a. farro medio, a chewy, nutty grain with endless personalities. Enjoy it anywhere you might use rice. Add to soups or serve as a side to roasted veggies. Delight in a savory Mediterranean salad, or nosh it first thing in the morning with fresh fruit & brown sugar. Sprout it! Grind it up!

Go nuts with grains!

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