Organic Olive Tapenade


Material: Artichoke

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Our Organic Tapenade is a great olive spread for bread and crackers. (7 oz.) 

* Requires refrigeration at all time.

Green Tapenade
Ingredients: *green olives,*olive oil,*garlic

Artichoke Tapenade
Ingredients: *green olives,*artichoke,*olive oil,*garlic,*tomato,*basil,*garlic

Balsamic Tapenade
Ingredients:*green olives,*olive oil,*balsamic vinegar,*spices,*garlic

Mixed Herbs & Tomato Tapenade

Ingredients:*green olives,*olive oil,*tomato,*thyme,*oregano,*basil,*garlic

Spicy Walnut Tapenade
Ingredients:*green olives,*olive oil,*walnut,*hot pepper,*garlic

Hot & Spicy
Ingredients:*green olives,*olive oil,*peppers,*garlic


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