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Material: Peach Balsamic

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Not only good as a dressing. You can use our dressings as a dip, sauce, or marinade. All our dressings are olive oil based. Be sure to try all our flavors as each one has it's own charm. (10 fl .oz.) 

*Requires refrigeration at all time.

Olive & Herbs
Ingredients:*Olives,*olive oil,filtered water,*apple cider vinegar,*apples,*garlic,*oregano,*basil,*thyme,*black pepper, salt

Tomato & Herbs
Ingredients:*tomato,*olive oil, filtered water,*apple cider vinegar,*onion,*cane sugar,*oregano,*sesame seeds,*paprika, salt

Peach chutney
Ingredients:*peach, filtered water,*olive oil,*apple cider vinegar,*cane sugar,*hot peppers,*cumin,*black pepper, salt

Peach balsamic
Ingredients:*peach, filtered water,*olive oil,*balsamic vinegar,*cane sugar,*black pepper, salt

Strawberry Walnut
Ingredients:*strawberry,*olive oil, filtered water,*apple cider vinegar,*cane sugar,*walnuts,*lemon pepper

Olive & Walnut
Ingredients:*olives,*olive oil, filtered water,*walnuts,*apple cider vinegar,*cane sugar,*garlic,*Oregano,*basil,*thyme,*black pepper, salt


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