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One of my favorite childhood memories is my mom baking traditional chocolate chip cookies. I continued that wonderful memory with my children. The aroma of the cookies baking always puts a smile on our faces and an all over feeling of warmth and comfort. As we all know chocolate chip cookies doesn’t fall into most healthy or restricted diet plans. Most of the time an altered version is not quite the same. Here at Paleolcious Bread Co. we were able to create a REDUCED SUGAR,GRAIN FREE, GLUTEN FREE chocolate chip cookie that tastes just like a home baked Tollhouse cookie from childhood. We left the chocolate chips out so you have the option to do dairy free or vegan chips or whatever kind of chocolate chip you prefer and how much you like to add to your cookie. At Paleolicious Bread Co. we chose pure cane organic sugar instead of the traditional "Paleo" coconut sugar, because it allowed us to use 1/2 the amount and kept our cookies a golden color instead of brown, like we want our cookies to be. Enjoy these AMAZING GLUTEN FREE, GRAIN FREE cookies! *We have found that using real butter works great too! Cookies will be a little more flatter and crumbling, but the taste is still AMAZING! We tried coconut oil and it was an epic fail. One of our favorite add in's are dried cranberries! YUM! Bake 10 to 12 minutes tops! If they are too soft, let them cool on pan. Nut flours, like almond flour burns faster than regular flour. VEGAN OPTION: OMIT THE EGGS & ADD 1/4 CUP OF NUT MILK OF YOUR CHOICE! Please reach out for any baking tips or questions you might have. We love for our customers to get the most out of their Paleolicious experience. We only use organic cassava flour and local almonds NON GMO for our almond flour.


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