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Perky is a golden powder that can enhance your daily coffee, tea, smoothies or warm nut milks.  Perky can be sprinkled onto yogurt or into hearty soups.   It's packed with nutrients that are anti inflammatory, regulates blood sugar, enhances cognitive function, hydrates the skin from within and so much more. Perky's flavor profile is reminiscent of fall with Ceylon Cinnamon, and nutmeg.  

Ingredients: *Black Pepper Powder, *Jerusalem Artichoke Inulin, *Coconut Milk Powder, *Turmeric, *Non-GMO Yucca Root Powder, *Freeze Dried Pumpkin, *Proprietary Blend of Spices, Bamboo extract. All ingredients with a (*) Cert. Organic. NUT AWARENESS: Contains coconut which is a tree nut.

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