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5 pound box

Pasture Raised Ground Beef

Ready to taste the difference? Our minimally processed Pasture Raised Ground Beef (~85% lean) is made from premium cuts of dry-aged beef. Ground beef is versatile and perfect for hamburgers, pasta, tacos, chili, and of course meatloaf. Our delicious ground beef is a customer favorite and receives 5-Star reviews. Our lean ground beef is dry-aged 21 days, resulting in a big ‘beefy’ flavor and tender texture.


Naturally Raised Beef

Our beef is raised free range & humanely processed: 100% natural and pasture raised. No GMOs, additives, added hormones or antibiotics. Our family raises premium Angus in the coastal range of Western Atascadero. Our beef is certified humanly processed at a local USDA butcher. All beef is packed in convenient 1 lb packages. 

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