Small Rockin' Wrap - Otter Pattern, 1 ct.


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Sold by The Hermit Crab in Morro Bay, CA.
• Reusable, completely compostable alternative to single-use plastic wrap and bags. 
• Handmade with hand-harvested SLO county bees wax and hand-chipped California pine resin.
• Use to wrap produce, cover a bowl of leftovers, take a sandwich on the go, or make cheese last longer in the fridge.
• Sturdier than plastic wrap and smells nice.
• Just one wrap can help you avoid avoid hundreds of plastic baggies a year!
Cotton, SLO county beeswax, California pine resin, Jojoba oil
Use your small wraps to cover things like half a lemon in the fridge, take a handful of nuts on the go, or cover an appetizer dish or mason jar of leftovers. Just use the warmth of your hands to heat the wax, and the fabric will stick to itself. When dirty, rinse with cool water and mild soap, and air dry on a rack. Lasts up to a year. At the end of it's life, you can compost it, use as a fire-starter when camping, or bring them in to be re-waxed all over again! Do not use with raw meat. Do not heat.

Approximate size: 10" x 11". Because of the handmade nature of the wraps, the shapes can vary. However, we endeavor to make certain that all those we sell are at minimum the size that is stated. 

All packaging is completely biodegradable. Package-free (rolled in parchment) also available.

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